Basic Functionality

Getting Started
Layout of the main Softros LAN Messenger window

Exchanging Messages
How to start a conversation in Softros LAN Messenger

Group Conversations
How to have a conversation with several users

File Transfer
How to send and receive files

Broadcast Messaging
How to send out a message to multiple users

Viewing User Information
How to get information about a user and their computer

Changing User Name
How to change your user name

History Viewer
How to work with your message history

Managing User Groups
How to add and delete groups, and also move users between groups

Quick Messages
How to configure and send preset messages.

How to use and disable the spellcheck feature.

Advanced Settings and Functionality

Connecting Subnets
Detailed information about configuring and running Softros LAN Messenger across multiple subnets.

Restricting User Access
Learn how to limit access to most features, from sending messages to changing the user name.

Terminal Services Support
Setting up and using Softros LAN Messenger on a terminal server.

Settings Overview
Summary detailing each tab of the Settings dialog box.

Identical User IDs
Why it happens and how to fix it.

Incomplete User List and Undelivered Messages
Checking the connection between computers. Using Ping and Ipconfig.

Hidden Options
Configurable parameters not available through the interface.

Desktop Sharing
How to request assistance from another user or remote into another user's computer.

Adding Languages to Spellcheck
Adding dictionaries not included in the default installation.


Exporting/Importing User Groups
Exporting custom group settings for further use on other computers.

Exporting/Importing Network Settings
Exporting custom network settings for further use on other computers.

Automatic Installation
Using Group Policy to deploy Softros LAN Messenger in a domain. Step by step instructions.

Automatic Deployment of Custom Settings
Using VBS scripts and Group Policy to deploy custom settings in a domain. Step by step instructions.