Subject: Softros LAN Messenger REVIEW - Instant Messaging & Chat Software
Review Author: FinancesOnline.Com

When you are exchanging information with your colleagues or engaging your managers in a work-related discussion, you don’t want to be conscious of the security of the information that is being passed around, back and forth. You want your team to be freely talking about work without having to think of whether unauthorized parties can access your conversations and steal information and more. With Softros LAN chat software, you know all your conversations and data are safe. Read full review

The capacity of Softros LAN Messenger to keep sensitive data safe from any type of misappropriation and abuse was recently recognized by one of the most popular software review platform The platform’s experts submitted our product to their standardized scoring mechanism, and were so satisfied by it that they decided to award it two of their quality awards: The 2017 Rising Star Award and the Great User Experience Award for their instant messaging software category.

Both awards are reserved for top notch products that come the closest to as how the ideal communications system is supposed to perform. The Rising Star, in particular, is given to innovative and fast-developing systems that eliminate all need for training and onboarding, while the Great User Experience Award usually belongs to software able to meet exact users’ needs, and genuinely facilitate the conduction of their day-to-day operations.

Experts also included Softros LAN Messenger in their list of most popular communications tools, being particularly fond of its useful functionalities, including PC-to-PC messaging, group LAN chat rooms, broadcast messaging to instantly notify specific individuals or groups regarding an event. What they also liked about Softros was that it encrypts all data according to AES-256 standards, and that it decreases the number of firewalls your system opens, further preventing attacks from hackers and IM worms.

Subject: Instant Messaging
Review Author: QOF Masters Ltd.

We have looked at many of the low cost instant messaging clients available and feel that Softros LAN Messenger offers a superior experience and works well within a practice environment. It allows users to be categorised into GPs, nurses, receptionists etc. and is a separate program so does not require EMIS Web to be running in order for it to work.

The messenger pane is shown on the right and provides easy access to all of the active staff members for quick messaging. It also copes well with branch practices, displaying both the branch at which somebody is, and their extension number.

It does cost a small amount to purchase the software (unfortunately we could not find a suitable free product).

Please visit for further information.

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Subject: Neat Network Messaging
Review Author: John O'Halloran

Sending emails around an enterprise network… from office to office, cubicle to cubicle… is these days taking up a large slice of the working day in both the sending and the reading of the messages. Often this practice wastes a great deal of lime when one wishes to ask a simple question requiring a speedy and succinct reply in a situation like that, instant messaging is a far preferable medium of communication. Softros LAN Messenger is a quick and secure network messaging application that allows the instant exchange of messages through a corporate network (LAN, WAN etc) or, for that matter, between networked computers at home. The software installs at the push of a screen button and then sits in memory, monitoring who is connected to the network and via a tray icon, allows you to send a text message to anyone on line in a flash. It takes up negligible system resources and is always accessible when needed. The addressee is alerted to an incoming message with a non-intrusive alarm sound and messages can be exchanged back and forth to ask and answer questions without going through the more fiddly business of composing emails… and waiting for a reply. You know at once if your message has been received! This is a very handy little utility and you can find out all about it and download the trial version from the Softros Web site at

John O'Halloran (Australian Computer Trader)