Softros LAN Messenger Wins All the Way as a Top Messaging Software with the Great User Experience Award

The Softros team does it again! Today, the entire team is celebrating our receipt of not one, but two awards from CompareCamp. Receiving the Great User Experience Award and the Rising Star of 2019 Award for being an outstanding LAN messenger software is an absolute honor that the entire Softros LAN Messenger team is extremely proud of.

CompareCamp is the top source when it comes to B2B review that helps businesses and industry shapers in wisely choosing the best software and management system for their unique needs by having tech experts provide comparison points and benefit scoring to different software in various fields.

Softros LAN Messenger received the Great User Experience Award for being a lightweight, easy-to-install, and easy-to-use LAN messenger software. Experts lauded the clean and simple interface that made using it all the more hassle-free and straight to the point despite the high-level and airtight security settings that it provides. Receiving this award is such a pat in the back for the entire Softros team given the amount of time that we devoted to making Softros LAN Messenger a truly easy-to-use messaging software with lethal and reliable security features.

The serverless design, user access restriction, and offline messaging tools turn out to be the top reasons as to why users prefer using Softros LAN Messenger over other messaging software. We’re glad to know that the advanced security settings that we specially created and crafted for our users are being acknowledged. It being the primary reason as to why we received the Rising Star of 2019 Award gives the recognition so much more meaning. More and more users are enjoying Softros LAN Messenger and this inspires us all the more.

We here at Softros recognize the need for more security tools that ensure privacy and confidentiality. Trust that our team will continue to work harder to create more messaging tools that can aid in the productivity of our users. We are excited to introduce tool updates and improved feature functions. Rest assured that our users’ satisfaction is what we are after. We share these recognitions to all our loyal clients, partners, and supporters. To more breakthroughs!