How to Choose the Best Messenger App for Your Office

Security has become paramount for every business's technology strategy, yet customers continue to demand shorter product release cycles. Highly collaborative workplaces are key to succeeding in today's business environment. When you select a new workplace communication tool, it needs to enable a collaborative environment and fit into your company's cybersecurity plan.

Sensitive files and communications need to stay out of the hands of third parties who aren't authorized to have access to them. Having emails and text messages travel over the internet creates the problem of potential interception, and using services like Google Drive or Microsoft OneDrive creates the possibility of hackers or third-party insiders stealing your data.

Collaboration between teams and team members in any large organization requires a tool that can be used from any location in your facility. An employee in a meeting away from their desk phone can be hard to reach, yet they may have a laptop or mobile device with them at all times. It would be convenient if you could text them at any time without the security problem of having messages and file transfers traveling over the internet.

Softros Systems designed this instant messenger to replicate popular messaging app functionality without sending data outside of your local network. It's an office chat tool that enables your employees to securely communicate and transfer files.


LAN Messenger encrypts the data that travels over your LAN using AES-256 encryption technology. That means even if your internal network is breached, malicious actors won't be able to harvest the communications or files that are sent between your employees. Because it doesn't allow internet communications, your employees won't be able to use your company's chat tool to communicate with anyone outside of your network. This eliminates a number of security vulnerabilities ranging from outsider attacks to insider fraud.

Individual and Group Messaging

miltiuser conversation with file transfer

The core feature of an app like LAN Messenger is the ability to send messages to team members. LAN Messenger simplifies the process of contacting other employees on your LAN by automatically creating a contact list of all the users who currently have LAN Messenger running on their device. It supports one-to-one conversations or group conversation sessions with multiple users. This can make team work more efficient by eliminating the need for your employees to leave their desk to conduct meetings.

File Transfer

LAN Messenger supports secure file transfers using the same secure method as it does for messaging. Files sent between users are encrypted and never leave your local network. Employees can quickly send files to each other from the messenger window by selecting files or dragging and dropping folders onto the app from their desktop. Files can also be broadcast to multiple users.

Remote Desktop Sharing

LAN Messenger also doubles as a help desk tool by enabling remote desktop sharing. When employees need help with a problem, they can send a request for technical support to directly access their computer with a remote desktop session. This saves time and frustration for everyone involved by eliminating the need for tech support to go to an employee's workstation.

System administrators can also use this feature to perform maintenance tasks on servers and workstations. They simply need to install a copy of LAN Messenger on each computer that they maintain to access them quickly without the technical hassle other remote desktop apps can involve.

Easy Installation

Getting LAN Messenger up and running is as simple as downloading and installing it onto each device that your employees will use to communicate with each other. The app automatically searches your LAN for other instances and creates a contact list of users that are available for chat. Its interface is familiar to anyone who uses other popular messenger services. This greatly simplifies the time and expense of deploying it to your workplace.

These and many other features make LAN Messenger an excellent option for companies that need to create a collaborative workplace with secure tools that ensure sensitive data never leaves their local network. You can download Softros's LAN Messenger and try it for yourself today.