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Subject: Instant Messaging
Review Author: QOF Masters Ltd.

We have looked at many of the low cost instant messaging clients available and feel that Softros LAN Messenger offers a superior experience and works well within a practice environment. It allows users to be categorised into GPs, nurses, receptionists etc. and is a separate program so does not require EMIS Web to be running in order for it to work.

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Subject: Neat Network Messaging
Review Author: John O'Halloran

Sending emails around an enterprise network... from office to office, cubicle to cubicle... is these days taking up a large slice of the working day in both the sending and the reading of the messages. Often this practice wastes a great deal of lime when one wishes to ask a simple question requiring a speedy and succinct reply in a situation like that, instant messaging is a far preferable medium of communication. Softros LAN Messenger is a quick and secure network messaging application that allows the instant exchange of messages through a corporate network (LAN, WAN etc) or, for that matter, between networked computers at home. The software installs at the push of a screen button and then sits in memory, monitoring who is connected to the network and via a tray icon, allows you to send a text message to anyone on line in a flash. It takes up negligible system resources and is always accessible when needed. The addressee is alerted to an incoming message with a non-intrusive alarm sound and messages can be exchanged back and forth to ask and answer questions without going through the more fiddly business of composing emails... and waiting for a reply. You know at once if your message has been received!. This is a very handy little utility and you can find out all about it and download the trial version from the Softros Web site at

John O'Halloran (Australian Computer Trader)